Countdown and Wherehouse

Where You Can Blast Off

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Language
  • Brand Architecture
  • Packaging
Countdown and Wherehouse image
The Challenge

Our client created a new cannabis infused beverage as a second offering to their entry level THC beverage. They asked us to do two things; create a brand identity for this new offering while also creating a brand identity for their company.

the solution

Their second cannabis infused drink contains a higher dose of THC, very different from their initial micro-dose offering. With two beverages now in their portfolio, and plans for more to come, it was time to establish this THC beverage innovator as the go-to brand for the best tasting and most enjoyable cannabis beverage for a desired and specific effect. Our strategy was to create brand distinction for one while creating a branded house for all.

The approach

We named the new beverage Countdown and helped to position this drink as a way to orbit reality—escape the ordinary—knowing you’ll safely land upon return. The name also suggests the anticipation—the countdown—of the blast being as fun as the lift off. The thin line in each letter is reminiscent of lighting a fuse for that lift off as well as suggesting the infusion of cannabis. We also created a vibrant color palette to help communicate the beverages’ two very craveable flavors.

Wherehouse Beverage Co.

We named the company Wherehouse Beverage Co. Playing on the definition of Warehouse enabled us to speak to our clients' unique nano-emulsion process and manufacturing all done on wheels. This process enables them to bring their innovation to their partners' door step in each state and use locally grown cannabis to make delicious beverages. “We are the ‘where’ in your search for the best tasting and most effective THC beverages. Our house is right in your neighborhood and we’ve stocked the shelves with everything you need.”

in conclusion

A nascent market where stigma still lurks, the identities of Wherehouse Beverage Co. and Countdown connect with universal and familiar references that help to create comfortable and meaningful associations for audiences who continue to explore and define the right cannabis beverage experience for them.