Youth Frontiers

When Character is the Brand

  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Language
  • Architecture
  • Brand Manifesto
Youth Frontiers image
The Challenge

Making Character Matter More

In 1987, Joe Cavanaugh founded Youth Frontiers (YF) with the mission “to provide schools with experiences that inspire character, civility and community so that our next generation of leaders is grounded in character.” 30 years and 1.7 million students later, Joe decided to expand YF’s outreach to teachers, parents and members of the community all centered around the core idea that character matters. With this expansion and the anniversary of the organization coinciding, it was the perfect time to revitalize the brand and signal the charge for the next 30 years.

The Solution

A Plan For the Next 30 Years

While the Youth Frontiers experience held much equity, the identity did not. In fact, their identity was viewed as a disconnected piece in the overall experience. Our solution was to create an expression that was as iconic and timeless as the virtues that build character while paving new pathways to new audiences. Beyond a logo, we created a visual language that illuminates the many offerings of the organization...we connected the dots. To accompany the flag, a manifesto was written to capture the voice and promise of the YF brand. This manifesto is featured prominently on their website and on the walls in their brand new office space.

The Approach

Planting a Flag for New Frontiers

The new identity is a bold representation of YF’s mission to lead the way in helping youth grow, prosper and thrive in and outside the classroom. Speaking to everyone who is part of the YF organization, it is symbolic of a vital and meaningful movement and captures the spirit of the journey. One can imagine the flag being raised high and carried forward, showing pride and honor. The flag stems from the Y reminding all that it is YOUTH they serve. This identity and the visual language are strong, powerful and impactful. And, like the virtue of character, are designed to stand the test of the time.

In Conclusion

Youth Frontiers has boldly embraced their new brand expression and it is now serving as a rallying point for their next 30 years.