Thr3 Jack

The best things in life come in threes and they are:  Golf, Cocktails and Food. Otherwise known as, Thr3 Jack

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The Challenge

Minneapolitans love their golf but it isn’t easy loving and playing the game in the cold winter months. Thanks to our friends at Thr3 Jack, we love playing the game year round in the North Loop, located in downtown Minneapolis. Our friends from Thr3 Jack (Three Jack is a golf term meaning, to three putt) have created a unique experience where patrons can “whack a ball”— they have six simulators featuring over 70 world-famous courses — sip on crafted cocktails and enjoy incredibly delicious food. 
The family of “wannabe golfers” (as they’ve dubbed themselves) who founded Thr3 Jack asked us to create a brand identity that honors the game but not in that old stuffy Country Club way. They asked us to create a brand reflective of a place where both Bill Murray and Ricky Fowler would feel comfortable. And if not a golfer — just a normal Jack or Jill — he or she would feel right at home being part of the gallery.

The Solution

Our solution was to elevate a bit of the Caddy Shack schtick, the goofy golf antics of the 3 Stooges (there’s that 3 again), while letting cocktails, food and spectacular fairways and challenging greens underpin and reinforce this one-of-a-kind establishment.

Our Approach

Our approach was to flip the tradition of golf on its ear so that golfers, non-golfers, foodies, hockey enthusiasts (we are the state of hockey you know) and everyone felt welcomed.  Afterall, Thr3 Jack is part of a neighborhood and should feel like the home course for all. Our aim was to deliver the establishment’s sophistication and attention to detail and design with an ironic twist. Combining these characteristics created a sense of charm...the kind of charm found in “looping” in a neighborhood nicknamed, The Loop.

In Conclusion

“As a brand new concept, it was extremely important to us to have a professional and meaningful visual identity, one that captured the personality of the business we sought to create. Duffy took the time to understand our vision and business objectives to create a mark and system that we knew would resonate with our core audience. The result is a visual identity that tells a story and stands out amongst the competition.”

Lucy Robb
President and Co-Founder - Thr3 Jack