Resist With Us

A Force To Be Reckoned With

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The Challenge

A reckoning of the fitness category’s worn-out rants and tired promises happens each day in the personal training sessions our client offers. To continue to fortify their unique offering and ensure the success their clients enjoy remains in sharp contrast to the same old, same old. Our client decided it was time for a rebrand.

The Solution

The U.S. fitness category is a $40 billion dollar market funded by 40% of Americans who hold gym memberships. A strong market, yes, but its strength is compromised by several chinks in its armor. Our strategy; to illuminate those weaknesses while simultaneously extending an invitation to realize the power of Resist's unique personal training approach.

Our Approach

Doubling down on the success of the proprietary weight resistance equipment created by our client, we found the brand’s Why as well as its new name: Resist With Us.

Brand Manifesto:
Sprawling clubs and trendy programs preach a lifestyle of fitness.
All measured by the time and money you spend living their lifestyle.
It's not right. And it's time to resist.
Focus on your own lifestyle and longevity.
Isn't that what fitness is all about?
We think so.
Over 20 years ago we designed and patented our own workout system.
To put you at the center of it all. To simplify your strength training. To resist the lie that more is better.
More isn't better. Better is better.
So resist the calls for comparing yourself.
Resist the hype, the gloss, the quick fix.
Resist the negativity of your inner voice.

The logomark capitalizes on the capital R in the name and reinforces the very meaning of it, Resist. As stated in the manifesto, our client believes it’s time to resist the status quo when it comes to sprawling clubs and trendy programs that preach a lifestyle of fitness. They believe the focus on their client’s own lifestyle and longevity is what fitness is all about. The anthropomorphic treatment of the logomark is symbolic of their clients’ specific needs and desires when it comes to their fitness and personal training plan. This iconic symbol also suggests the use of weight resistance which is foundational to our client’s patented equipment and training methodology.

In Conclusion

Resist With Us, symbolic of how each one of their clients realizes their own force in actualizing the personal fitness program that’s uniquely right for them. Resist With Us, a force to be reckoned with.