Red Locks Irish Whiskey

The Art of the Ripple Effect

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Language
  • Packaging
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  • Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Apparel
Red Locks Irish Whiskey image
The Challenge

Red Locks celebrates Seamus Heaney’s Poem Digging: “Where Living Roots Awaken In My Head.” Our challenge was to evoke Red Lock’s ethos of Giving it a Shot. A drop of Red Locks awakens those creative roots and celebrates the positive ripple effect those creative thoughts and ideas can bring to the world.

The Solution

Our objective was to visually represent the emotional and timeless idea of Red Locks while celebrating its heritage and innovation. Curated from both sides of the Atlantic, the ripple effect of our founders' partnership created a perfectly balanced Irish Whiskey. This ripple effect emanates from their love of Ireland, their commitment to distilling an Irish Whiskey to appeal to both shores and the warmth and community of Irish hospitality. While the label on the bottle is the primary brand application, it was critical to create a robust visual language to connect all brand communications from delivery vans to cocktail napkins.

Our Approach

Our objective was achieved through artistry. An artistic sensibility is implicitly reflective of creativity and warmth…of awakening creative roots, of giving it a shot, of authentic Irish hospitality. The Red Locks pattern that frames the label naturally connects to the name while establishing a core visual backdrop for all Red Locks visual communications. The ripple effect, the Island of Ireland, the signatures…all crafted from the hands and hearts of the founders. The artistry of Red Locks reflects the founders commitment to giving their idea of creating a differentiated Irish Whiskey a shot. Red Locks is an antidote to faceless and mass produced Irish Whiskey. This was personal.

in conclusion

A timeless sensibility was brought forward through the illustrative and artistic design as we believe true art stands the test of time. The boldness of the Red Locks pattern and the Red Locks logotype conveys the strength of character inherent in Irish Whiskey while nodding to the bold innovative flavors and the maturation process of this unique blend. Sláinte!