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An Alternative Design

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The Challenge

A category worth 100’s of billions of dollars, Business Management Consulting isn’t always looked upon with favor. Like many categories, there are negative perceptions that take hold and unfortunately, category participants are burdened with these perceptions, even if unearned. These perceptions are then reinforced by category paradigms and a vicious cycle of one strengthening the other begins. Our friends at Pioneer Management Consulting wanted to break this cycle. They knew they had to find their unique identity and present themselves as the true alternative they are in order to untether their business from predisposed biases.

The Solution

The fact the leadership of this consultancy named themselves “Pioneer” is proof of their alternative convictions. With a Servant’s Heart, the Pioneer team joins with their clients in determining the true challenges at hand and then together, they seek the right solutions. Defining and navigating the challenge is as critical as delivering a solution. Without a clear definition of the problem, the power of the solution is diluted and perhaps even irrelevant. To “Pioneer” is to forge new ground. To “Pioneer” is to create a path that guides you to your desired’s often more about the byway than it is the highway.

The Approach

We believe the strength of a visual identity is achieved when the name and symbol are meaningfully connected. There are many artfully designed swirls, intertwining circles and abstractions locked-up with a name in this category (those category paradigms we mentioned above). In these situations, design defaults to being decorative versus being communicative. Inspired by their name, we created a brand identity that illuminates their belief that there are no formulas, no predetermined roadmap to follow, that each client has their own compass and must follow it. The compass represents two important ideas, finding one’s true course and achieving a desired outcome. These ideas are the very essence of the Pioneer way. The iconic nature of the compass connects to the universal sensibility of “Pioneering” and powerfully, we have an immediate understanding of who Pioneer is and what they represent without saying a word. The good folks at Pioneer are seen in their clients’ hallways with backpacks over their shoulders versus briefcases in their hands. They live life fully in and outside the office and they’re proud of their Minnesota heritage, the true north.

In Conclusion

"We were frustrated with our brand. Really frustrated. We struggled to try to find the look, feel, and brand ‘voice’ for years. Was it lack of understanding ourselves? No. Lack of time and focus? It wasn’t. We simply didn’t have the right partner.

Until we found Duffy.

Immediate chemistry between our teams set us on a path of trust. The trust to be vulnerable in grappling with the look, feel and messaging we are presenting to the world. From the first meeting to the final unveil, Duffy guided us through each step with total and complete professionalism, care and love. We felt like we were their most important client.

And the resulting work product is a brand that we completely adore. We can't thank them enough."

Team Pioneer