Indeed Brewing Co.

Indeed, a crafty master

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The Challenge

Reinvigorating a Pioneer's Relevance

The Brewers Association reports that on average, two craft breweries opened every day in 2016. With over 5,300 breweries vying for attention, those authentic artisan and inventive labels, while beautifully designed, can only do so much. Enter Indeed Brewery. Celebrating the individual brews with the incredible illustrations of local artist, Chuck U, a following was created, albeit around the brew and not so much around the brewery. By refreshing Indeed's masterbrand identity, Duffy created a solution that ensured Indeed was seated at the top of the brand chain while still cheering on the individuality of each beloved beer.

The Solution

Reframing Their Story

Create a hierarchy and deliver clarity. We started with the existing Indeed logo, a beautiful piece of artistry that needed just a bit of simplification to enable better reproduction and easier legibility. Next, we created a masterbrand framework for packaging that connected Indeed to the offering. Additionally iconography, patterns and an extended color palette were created to give Indeed's voice a visual language all its own.

The Approach

An Identity is More Than a Logo

With the masterbrand framework in place, we created a system of badging to communicate the uniqueness of each beer. Together, the masterbrand framework and the product badging system were a true reflection of the craft of innovation occurring at the brewery.

"We are Thirsty Creatures Indeed" became a brand mantra. It celebrates the "cast of creatures" featured in Chuck U's illustrations and solidifies Indeed's simple desire to craft experiences that quench a thirsty soul.

In Conclusion

Today, Indeed celebrates five years of probability. Among those 5300 breweries, Indeed stands out as Minnesota's 4th largest production brewery and the 250th largest production brewery in the nation. Since their inception in 2012, they have increased their barrel production 400%.

Their brand is a creature of their success.