Kids II

The $84 billion global toy category fuels a frenetically competitive marketplace—where legacy brands compete with niche players, where technology brands throw their weight around and where retail buyers think they know better than Mom what Mom wants.

Our design solution created a powerful synergy, connecting the Kids II portfolio of brands. This synergy enabled their sales force to sell better and squelched buyers’ desires to act like product and packaging designers.

This synergistic solution also delivered an experience that Mom engaged in and ultimately trusted. A push/pull strategy driving impressive bottom-line results began the transformation from a transactional, sales focused organization to a design driven one.


“Duffy sees us for who we truly are and together with my team, are steering the transformation of our organization to a design driven company. Driven by design, we are giving Mom and her kids the brands they love and deserve. Our truth is already delivering impressive results to the bottom line.”

Ryan Gunnigle, Owner & CEO