Shock Doctor

Revitalized. Energized. Actualized.

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The Challenge

Expressing Protection and Performance as One

Our challenge was to create a new brand expression that communicated Shock Doctor’s expertise in technology, design, and their focus on sports protection—while also creating cultural momentum for the brand. In an ESPN era, where sport is one part athleticism and one part entertainment, Shock Doctor knew their brand needed to express the benefit of hardcore protection to the parents who buy, and the glory that comes with fearless performance for the kids who play.

The Solution

Hardcore Protection. Fearless Performance.

Shock Doctor began as the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology. They continued to challenge convention with their belief in technology and design and proved that performance and protection can be one. With one breakthrough after another, they have become the leading innovator in sports protection across hundreds of product offerings, yet their brand expression remained tethered to the mouthguard trade market and was incapable of luring consumers away from the giants in the sports protection category.

The Approach

The new identity suggests the athletic moment when “the game” is all on the line, the moment before impact, and importantly, the moment an athlete realizes their protective equipment from Shock Doctor gives them the confidence to perform at their highest level.

The design and development of a new website created a store environment that enabled Shock Doctor to interface directly with consumers while providing thought leadership in a competitive category.

In Conclusion

Immediate orders pushed shipping and delivery up 3 months. Sales up 30%+ in a 10% category slump.

New branding and packaging system proved to be a catalyst in expanding the portfolio of product offered, increasing Shock Doctor’s footprint with top retailers.

"The Shock Doctor brand was at an inflection point. We needed organization and better communication about all we offer. We wanted someone to take us to the next level and that’s what Duffy did."

Steve Washburn
CEO, Shock Doctor